Project: ADC

ADC: Achter de computer

In my ADC (translation: behind the computer) work I try to document the relation between man and the computer.

I grew up with the personal computer as a novelty [1] but we all know where we are now. The traditional personal computer is already on the decline when you take the mobile phone as a personal computer or personal digital assistant (ugh) into account. In this series I portray people who are 'working' on the computer in their own private habitat. I love looking at that unnatural bent over posture, one hand on the input device called mouse, the other maybe on the keyboard, the expression of utter concentration bordering on boredom.

Mark my words there will come a time, not really far away into the future, that we can look back at these images with a sense of surprise and nostalgia, just as we do with most of our human activities from the past, and wonder what were we thinking to act like this.

[1] As a teenager I got acquainted with the Comodore 64 and it's counterpart the MSX. Now you can do the math if you need to know my age!