Jeroen Vesseur - Where value is null

Artist statement

As a self-declared 'Computer Artist' in a tradition, my work focusses on the computer as artist, the computer as art and the relationship between computer and man.

I am currently in the mood of form over content and I think that I am more than anything else a proponent of the concept of ' l'art pour l'art'. My most recent work is concentrated around the study and (at least for me) struggle of using the simple geometric forms that are provided by the inner parts of a computer (large rectangle – Motherboard; small rectangle – Memory module; small square – Processor etc) and creating aesthetic appealling compositions. That combined with the use of very few colors gives me a lot of room to work outside the realm of human relation, nature, realisme and moralisation.

But every now and then that strange, esoteric, chaotic human pops up and then I find myself the observer if not to say voyeur of behaviour especially when interacting with the abstracts of the computer. Is it a tool like an axe or a pen or are we perceiving it as a part of ourselves as a limb or at least a medium through which to express or define ourselves even.

Jeroen Vesseur

-- What do you see when you're looking into the eyes of a madman, on the verge of insanity? Looking out the window I see the animals in the darkness, the fearless, the scandalous, the heartless.

  The psycho realm - Temporary insanity